Tuesday, January 15, 2013

T-68 I Obviously Miscounted Last Night

Today has been a really good day. I’m getting a routine going that I think will work. I do any paperwork, business, meetings, shopping, hunting and/or gathering, during the day.  Any work I do in the studio is accompanied by my Pandora Celtic Thunder channel.

I returned from my errands just before dark.  After dark I have the peace that comes when the pharmacy, doctors and insurance folk stop calling to tell me or ask me something.  This happens about 5:00 CST, and my adrenaline starts to work.  Celtic Thunder still in the background, and I get to work in the studio.  I know some of you like to work in the quiet; it makes me nervous. When I can sing along, my creative mind wanders around in its part of my skull as it likes, every now and then surfacing with the answer to a problem I wasn’t sure I had.

Today’s solution was about hair and how to represent it. What color should it be? I was about to rummage through my stash when, right there on my work table, was the perfect answer:
It's the perfect reddish brown, and will be glorious when I've embroidered and added coppery highlights. I really have no clue how it got on the table; it was probably on top of something I was looking for and I forgot to put it away. I sure don't remember buying it, but that is nothing new. I turned on my $6 "dry" iron, attached fusible web, and will be able to use it tomorrow.

I take a break, eat, and read my email. THANK YOU ALL for the kind notes of support.  I appreciate and treasure every syllable.  

I forgot to mention that about 8:00 the music gets changed to the Harry Connick, Jr channel. Right not Glenn Miller's orchestra is playing "In the Mood" - if I can sing it, I like it. Oh! Now Bing Crosby. Reminds my of my mother.  So, that's it for today. I hope to have more interesting posts, but it is what it is, some boring days, some exciting, some tragic. 

Oh! I forgot to share that last Thursday the city fathers (aldermen) approved my request for a special use permit (this involved all kinds of paperwork, public posting, Planning and Zoning) to open my studio to the public. It's because I'm in the residential part of the historic district. Anyway, this has been my plan ever since I decided to move here, so it's a very good thing that I've been approved. This also means I can get promotional help from the Downtown Development folks, and I'll let you know when I get more scoop. 

Look! I'm done for the day and it just became tomorrow. Last night it was 4 am. You know, if I'm not going to come to work until dark, I'll have to make a few adjustments. In case you're keeping track, Frank Sinatra is singing "Witchcraft"

Goodnight and Happy Tuesday!

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