Tuesday, October 29, 2013

I'm Baaaack

Sometimes I’m afraid to make the first cut into a piece of fabric.  It only happens when I know exactly how I want it to cut it.  I find myself verging on a panic attack, sometimes it takes days to gird my loins and put blade to fabric.  Funny, because if I’m improvising in any way I never hesitate, not for a moment.  

  I’m afraid I’ll make a mistake.  It’s rare that I have a perfectly clear vision, and I have lots of experience making errant cuts when I am designing as I go.  Trial and error is the way I learn and create, so if that’s the plan, I have no problem.

  Here’s my point; I have a clear vision of where I want to go with my blogging, and that fear to make the first cut has kept me from starting.  Wait; I am not being completely honest, with myself and, by extension, with you.  My “clear vision” is for one direction this blog can take; towards the theological and spiritual.  

  Another direction is art-centric.  I  understand that the most popular blogs solve a problem.  I am not the most technically advanced or creative, but I am a good teacher of concepts.  I have been given the gift of explaining things. I have to know WHY before I can understand HOW, and that’s how I teach.  I want to help artists “find their voice” and I believe I can.

Yes, I did finish the piece I was working on IN JANUARY! I also had a successful show even tho I left my ironing board up as a performance piece! Proof: