Saturday, June 23, 2012

So, did you think about where you would move?  How you would start a new life?  Would you be careful, organize what you have and plan the rest?  Plan your life, live your plan?

I started at the end and worked backwards.  Where did I want to be at the end of my life?  What memories did I want to have?  I already have a spectacular collection of memories; I have had a great life!  I have been places and done things people write (and read) books about.

The memories are divided into two piles; before and after marriage.  I feel as if, looking back, I directed both.  The difference was the focus.  Before, I it was all about me.  Yes, I was self-centered and selfish, but my parents told me I could be anything and do anything I put my mind to, so I was and I did.  I was also independent and self-sufficient.  My father did buy my first car (a $400 Dodge Coronet), and my mother fed, clothed and sheltered me.  Thank you, Mama and Daddy.

Long story short (hahahahahaha),  I was born to be a politician or an artist.  Way too many skeletons in my closet for a political future.  Skeletons are, on the other hand, a firm foundation for any creative life.  Art, it is.  Now what?

Friday, June 15, 2012

I have been given an amazing gift; the opportunity to change the direction of my life.  If you had the chance, what would you do?   While you ponder this, come with me as I decide the what, where and how of it.  What will the soundtrack be?  I have already begun my BIG ADVENTURE (BA for short), but I am going to retrace most of my steps to catch you up.

I’ll start with a brief recap of the events leading up to the BA. 

   2/14/12 Dear husband of 32 years calls from another state to scream “I want a divorce!” This may seem harsh, but it was actually in response to my abruptly terminating a pretty contentious argument by pressing the “off” button on my phone.  I’m sure you can picture all the pain, anger, sadness, relief, surprise, blah blah blah, so we’ll skip that.  This is about my new life, not about how I got here.

  3/16/12  The divorce is final.  Really, couldn’t the court have moved a tad slower so that it would be St Patrick’s Day?  I mean, it started on one Saint’s day, a little symmetry would be poetic, don’t you think?  We’ll just have to find poetry somewhere else.

As Part 1 of the BA comes to a close, I suggest you listen to Gaelic Storm’s version of “Scalliwag” – Oh goodie! I found the YouTube video with the lyrics.  Enjoy if you have a mind to:  
I almost forgot - your homework assignment is to dream big; what would you do if you could?  No, winning the Lottery is not possible.  Work with what you have.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


Four a.m.
Birdsong drifts in on a cool breeze
Through the open window