Sunday, June 26, 2011

On to the Ubiquitous Street Event!

So, on to the Washington Square Art Festival.
Looks like a lot of other street events in NYC, with the
exception of the Holiday Markets.
The Holiday Markets have more high-end stuff and

So, we're ambling along...we're ambling...
we're ambling...I pause to absorb this beautiful site:

I glance to my left and, the BFF has disappeared!,

Often, this means she has been walking briskly rather than strolling or,
Heaven forbid, ambling.
But, no, not ahead (her blond head can generally be
spotted above the throng)...she is behind!

She has been CAPTURED by a very tall attractive Asian man!
He is massaging her shoulders and murmuring something
as he guides her to...aha! A booth with those kneel-on massage
chairs is ahead. will she extricate herself
 from this situation, I wonder?

Quelle surprise!
She has fallen into his trap and is nodding!
 I have paused in amazement when a short, motherly
co-worker takes my hand and urges me to join the BFF.
It takes little coaxing (but, did you notice the difference in personnel?),
as I leap over bystanders to find a chair.
All is going to plan when my new friend, after drumming on my back,
shows me a paper towel and says,
"You hot! You wet!"
Yes, yes I am.
She dries my neck with the previously presented
paper towel.  The rest is but a pleasant memory.
Now, on to find refreshment...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First on the List

We have a plan; first was to take the R train to
Washington Square, where there was an outdoor
art thingy. 

No, this isn't the art thingy, but it is art!
And it looks as if this was, or will be
music.  As an aside, how trusting must
this musician be to just leave his instrument
all alone? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New York, New York!

I was in New York City recently visitingmy BFF Jo.  First, we visit our blog-friend, Buster.  His blog is My Life by Buster,  While we were walking in Chelsea, we met one of his friends, Biggie.  Buster is surprised that we knew Biggie just from his blog.