Monday, January 14, 2013

Here We Go; T-72 If You Count Yesterday

I am counting yesterday because I just realized that today (1:10 am) is not still yesterday.  So, big official news, I have a solo show scheduled to open 3/22/2013-aren’t-you-glad-someone-mis-understood-the-Mayan-calendar at The Hayloft Gallery in Sainte Genevieve, Missouri.  This is my first solo, so I am, quite understandably, freaked and pumped at simultaneously.

I thought it might be fun to share with others, those who have many solo’s under their belt, and those looking forward to their first, the “bumps” I am sure to have in my road. I also hope anyone between St Louis, Cape Girardeau, Columbia and anyone in Illinois that can make it will “save the date” and try to come to the opening. You come, I will give you wine.  It will also be an “Art Walk” night, so if you get bored, or we run out of wine (not happening), there will be other great art to see and artists to visit. I will even provide a map.

First, let me say, I have the entire gallery (about 50x25 I think) filled in my head, mostly with new work. Unfortunately, I am having trouble translating my sketches (see, I am doing something) into , you know, actual artwork. I considered, briefly, filling the space with the sketches, saying, look, this is what I wanted to show you! I am, however, not DaVinci, so I’m sure next to “lead balloon” in the thesaurus, would be a link to my website. 

Every morning, as I structure my day from my horizontal thinking position, I make a plan, and proceed to do a tiny bit of it and piddle away the rest of the day. This evening I told a friend I thought I might be turning into a vampire because I don’t seem to accomplish anything before dark. In my defense, that is before 5:00 pm here, but it means I’m still up until almost dawn. On the other hand, who really cares what time I go to bed? I am a grown woman, hear me roar.

In addition to this wonderful exhibit opportunity, I also have several juried shows I want to enter, each having a looming deadline. I know I am not alone here; this happens to me every January. Since I have all these pieces in my head I think, logically, I should complete the ones I want to enter in other shows (it’s a local venue, so I think I’ll still be legal to enter some of the more strict shows).  Good thinking, right? Yes, but I can’t seem to do what is smart. BIG surprise. This morning, I decided to work start a piece that has no deadline, except March 22. I did it! I have worked most of the day and still have a grin on my face.

I have been saving an heirloom banquet cloth for years, waiting for the spirit to move me in some way. Throughout the centuries, it has not been cared for properly, so I gave myself permission, the last time I packed it, to use it in my work. Today was the day.

Here is the cloth and my wonderful new pinking shears and a close up:

 Pretty, right? And scary; really scary. I mean, once I cut into it it will no longer be a banquet cloth. On the other hand, I have no children to give it to and admonish about not leaving it folded in the same way all the time. So, deep breath, and's fate is decided. It's going to be a beautiful dressing gown for a heroine on a widow's walk.  

All's good until I realize how fragile the fabric is. My first clue was that it was already damaged before I touched it. Oh yeah, that's why I gave myself permission to use is. Duh. Good news! You know how sometimes you buy something, get it home, and it's not what you thought it was? I found some featherweight interfacing in my stash and it was perfect to back the lace.
 I had a few stupid setbacks, like putting the interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric (will I never learn?), but the skirt turned out great.
Yes, I need to work on the bottom, but I didn't back the edging, and I need to. And...drum roll, please, here are all the cut pieces ready to assemble. You'll just have to come to Ste Gen to see it complete. She is going to be beautiful.
Now you know why I still have the big grin on my face. Inertia enabled. YEA!


  1. Congratulations and the best of luck! ox

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth. You should come, get some of that Midwestern air into your lungs. I know you'll be here in spirit, but having flesh and blood also would be even better.

  2. Suzanne, Best wishes on your show! And on your preparations for the show, which I know have already begun. I will enjoy following your reports of getting ready.
    You make me think I should be busier or worrying more than I am, because I have a "duet" (rather than solo) show for the month of February at our local Cultural Center with a luncheon/artist talk(s) on the 19th. I think I will have one end of the building while the other artist will have the other end; will have to figure out how many pieces this will mean. I'll post later on my blog.

    1. Thank you, Martha. I wasn't nervous at all until I read a post from someone, I cannot remember who, but I do remember that it was someone who shows a lot, and she was stressed about an upcoming show in the fall. Your show sounds exciting; don't you just love the idea that you get to arrange your own work?