Sunday, January 20, 2013

Foraging for Food and Fabric T-62 days

Time to stop being so pleased with myself having the nerve to cut into the banquet cloth and get started finishing the piece. As I thought this thought, I realized I don’t know which direction to take. Our heroine, as yet 
unnamed, is standing on a widow’s walk looking out over the river.  
I’ve known that since my first sketch, but haven’t thought any more about 
it.  What time of day is it? What season is it?  Is she waiting for someone to 
come home or watching them leave?  After dealing with Saturday’s mail, 
I flipped an envelope over and came up with some of the answers.
 While that’s happening (have I mentioned that  when I moved here I stacked my full-sized washer and dryer in the kitchen? Love-love-love them there), I return to the stash to ferret out other fabric. Not so much luck this time. I have no green for treetops, and nothing for the river. My plan for the river is to pole-wrap and discharge or dye or some combination of both.  Now I have lots of water-colored fabric, because it’s my favorite, but none of them are close to any color I’ve seen in the Mississippi.  Aside to the reader: Every time I type the name of this river that is starring in several of my new works, I giggle to myself because it is proof that some things you learn in school are actually useful; M-I-crooked letter crooked letter- I…you get the idea, unless you're in a country where you dedn't have to learn to spell Mississippi, which I know some of you are. 

I put the blue in the dryer and head the 35 miles to JoAnn’s. I also need to go to the grocery and get other fabric for other works-in-the-works. Here’s part of what I got; the shiny silver stuff may become chain mail for St Joan.  I am tickled pink (pink I have a lot of!).
I think I'm ready for tomorrow and pine trees, deciduous trees, and that crazy river. Now I'm going to finish beading a barrette I've been working on for two evenings so I can put our heroine's hair back in a suitably beautiful way. 

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