Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happily Target-Marketed

                             So, I was in my local discount shoe store,
                              looking for cute, comfortable, colorful,
                               spring shoes. After trying many on, I
                                          choose the $11 pair:


                                I go to the cashier to pay.  I stand in
                               line.  A manager, not wanting to miss
                                a sale because I am impatient (am I
                             that easy to read?), says to me, "Ma'am,
                                  I'll take you over at that register"
                                As he's carefully entering the vast
                                information needed to process my
                                 huge purchase, I am compelled to
                            browse the sock display (as we all know,
                           marketing is a conspiracy to add full-price
                               extras to your carefully-chosen items).      
                                     I need socks. I choose a package
                                that had been hiding behind flowery
                                                    neon socks.

                            Really, there were MUCH more vivid options.
                                  So, here's where I get to my point.
                            I get in my car and, beacause I chose not to
                                have a bag, my colorful purchases are
                                                  making me smile. 
                           Then, I notice what you, Observant Reader,
                                            have already noticed:

                                                       THEY MATCH!
                                           Yes, it is the small surprises
                                                  that make us want to
                                                       share our glee.
                                                     And now I have.

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