Sunday, July 1, 2012

I researched.  Remember when you first found the internet and started clicking on all those underlined words and phrases, each of which led you somewhere new?  That’s how my research started.

I started with housing costs in cities I was interested in.  I thought I could afford $1000/month.  I started with areas I’ve been to and liked: Boston, other places in New England.  New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts.  Did you know heat must be included in the rent in Massachusetts?  I researched taxes (more good info from MA).  Real estate, sales, income; all different, all important.

About this time my BFF asked how wide I was casting my net (in so many words).  Great question; I cast wider.  Ireland; hamlets, cities, what the heck has happened to housing prices in Ireland?  They are UPUPUPUPUP!  Back to the US where I understand about the taxes I read about.  And I don’t have to calculate foreign currency into dollars and cents.

New research tack…google “artist relocation” shall I wait while you do it, too?  Okay, I’ll hit the highlights; Paducah, KY, several places in the western half of the US, Cumberland, Chattanooga, Covington, Cleveland, Collinwood, Oil City, Johnstown, Lowell…golly the list is long!   I throw out Paducah and Covington because they are in Kentucky and so am I.  Relocating means, to me, out of my current state (physical and mental).  Lowell leads the pack on so many points, not the least of which is that many fellow fiber artists put it on their short list.  And so, I started to look at each city/town, borough, hamlet...   
                                   Paducah Photos
This photo of Paducah is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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