Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello World, it 's Maggie...shhhh!

Hey!  Maggie here...who are you?  I like everyone and everyone likes me because my tail wags all the time.
We have to be quiet because it's very early for a Sunday morning; I am awake because I am EVER VIGILANT.  My official title is Home Security Czar and I take my position very serioiusly, so don't try sneeking up on us, 'cause I'll tell.
Yesterday Mama's BFF Jo pointed out that Mama hadn't blogged in two months!  I was shocked; I mean, she's in her studio (which is a room with one really big table, lots of pieces of cloth pinned to a wall, a comfy chair near her computer and music in the air) a lot, what is so important that she can't take a few minutes to...uh oh! Somebody's coming!

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