Thursday, February 18, 2010

Once again, I am a harbinger of future Baby-boom trends. For those of you have known me a looong time, you know that I am often just barely on the leading edge of things. For those of you who do not know me; here’s a partial list:

I collected unicorns and flamingos a year or two before they were everywhere. When I started, they were almost impossible to find. I stopped collecting (really, what’s the point if you can find your collection in a Hallmark store or Wal-Mart? While I’m on the subject of collecting, generally, please be careful when adding to another person’s collection. In many cases, the fun is the collecting, not the having.

I read Tai-Pan in the late 60’s (I was 13 or 14) and became aware that sometime around 1980 China was going to bring Hong Kong back into her bosom.  I became enamored with all things Asian; fabric, art, religion…I Ching, anyone? Feng shui principles have prodded me, occasionally, to worry about having a home on the dragon’s eyeball or placing a mirror where it will reflect all my good luck back out the door or window.

Because I always want to be unique, these kinds of things eventually bother the heck out of me. Enough!

Recently I have been over-sharing my love of a Canadian poet, Leonard Cohen. My first really romantic moment came when a young man with the most beautiful hair serenaded me with Cohen’s song, Suzanne. I didn’t know it was Cohen’s until a few years ago. I learned it, and then forgot it. I make an effort to keep my RAM uncluttered so I can access information I need quickly. (At this point you are allowed to ask, “So, how’s that workin’ out for you?” because it isn’t). I have emailed the link, , to everyone I can think might enjoy my new-found love; his song, Hallelujah. I KNOW it’s old, but it had not surfaced in the pool of my thoughts until about a year ago.

So, here, if you haven’t figured out the punch line yet, is the most recent example of my harbingering…k d lang sang the song during the opening of the Olympics. REALLY. She sang the heck out of it, too, which must be as hard as singing The Star Spangled Banner at a World Series or Superbowl game because of all the noise.

I’m just saying…it’s a great song and now billions of other folks can jump on my bandwagon. I just love the song about the "baffled king composing."

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  1. Afterthought: As I am just starting this blogging-thing, I am stymied by the mechanics once in a while. My previous entry included the titles of two books which I was not able to underline or put in a different font to indicate their book-ness. I just want to say, I know *Tai-Pan* and *I Ching* are books and have underlined the titles as I compose this. Let’s see what happens when I post.