Saturday, February 13, 2010

It's Saturday morning.  My "To Do" list includes "Learn how and start to blog"
I can cross this off (or highlight it  with my ever-present pink hi-lighter) and feel
that sweet sense of accomplishment.  Ahhhh.  I have also hi-lighted:
   Organize papers covering my work table
   Procure and install halogen bulb in quilting/sewing/reading lamp (the first bulb lasted 17 years, so very worth the trouble)
   Find a photographer for my work
   Decide if I need a desktop computer, if so, order one
       A very patient, helpful and knowledgeable Joshua Stevenson @Dell was wonderful; I asked him many questions and he shared many answers.  I am very excited about the purchase and wait with semi-bated breath for delivery of my XPS8100

Now that my work table is clear I am forced to "back" the square-foot quilt I'm making for donation to SAQA...more about this and more, later...

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