Monday, November 11, 2013

I Love New York!

I love New York.  I love the constant assault to the senses. I do not love the smell of roasting (burning) chestnuts or old urine in the subway. I saw my first NYC rat yesterday, scurrying along the subway rails (far enough away from my feet to be interesting as opposed to frightening) and survived Macys Super Saturday with a smile on my face.

 I purchased a cookie sheet for my BFF and spent 45 minutes returning a top that I never bought.  (I purchased a top the day before, but when I looked in my bag later, I found a more expensive and conservative-yikes!-top in lieu of my intended purchase). I made a (successful) effort to be smiley and kind to everyone I met in Macys, even the young man in Housewares who did not know what, or where, a cookie sheet was. I swear this is true.  In each of the two lines i was part of, a customer was more helpful than an employee.  I am assuming Super Saturday was a dress rehearsal for new holiday workers.  I do not think they are ready for Broadway or Herald Square yet.

I also love being home with my cat in my lap.  I think he may smell the rat.  

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  1. I know this comment is a long time after you wrote the post, but it's sincere: I LOVE cats on laps, cats on laps photos, description of the joy of a cat snuggling up and letting you show your affection to it!
    I was reading on QA about the article on art schools and browsed some blogs, one of the enjoyable features of the list. I recognized your name from the SAQArtique group, too.