Friday, December 7, 2012

My 108-year-old Ste Genevieve Home

Now that I can actually see the surface of my work table, I am going to post the photos I have been getting requests for.  My plan is to show a “before” and “after” picture of each area so there will be a frame of reference.  This will also help when people ask me what I’ve done to the house.  So, make sure you have your ticket where you can reach it because a conductor may be around soon to punch it.  Here we go…
This is the before picture of
my amazingly cute Queen Anne house.
The after picture has a few adjustments, like 
the shrubs I planted and the leaves, hanging
plants and realtors' sign are gone.
And there are more places to sit.
This is what was left from the previous
owner.  It’s okay, I just kept adding
to the pile until someone removed it.

Convenient and expeditious,
Like Powdermilk Biscuits.

And overnight, some weeks later, 
 the leaves turned.

The first thing we did…wait, I said “we” and it was.  I had the awesome help of woodworker extraordinaire, Masterful Mark “the Magnificent” Grither.  After I closed on the house I placed my new baby into the hands of Mark.  Because he is so kind and respected in the community, I was able to move into the house in two weeks! Yes, that’s another “M” word; miracle.  He continued to organize and work (including replacing the main beam under the house) after I moved in.  When he was not shaking his head at my questions, requests and suggestions, this was the look he most often directed at me:
Thank you, Mark, for lightening the load.
I know Mark didn't do it alone, but he's the only 
one I have a picture of.  I intend to have 
everyone over for adult beverages after Christmas
and will get a group photo.
Plasterers, Electrician, Plumber,
Painters, sundry helpers, and 
Terri and Logan Grither,

Before anyone chastises me for 
covering fireplaces, don’t. 
Neither was a real.
One was electric and the other 
was made from a 9’ door that 
Mark had to, um, adapt 
another door so all my nice, 
warm air would not escape
to the attic.

Ooooo! Pretty folded fabric
where an electric fireplace
used to be.

Living Room…ahh!

STUDIO! What’s wrong with this
picture? I know…I’m not in it
working. So, tata for now;
Keep those cards and letters
coming, and thank you for all the
positive energy you’ve sent this way.
I feel it and it feels warm and fuzzy.

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  1. So thrilling, Suzanne!
    Loved seeing your new home.