Friday, October 5, 2012

"Before Pictures"

Several folks have asked, so, if you'd like to see my new home before I started making it really "mine" here is a link:
The previous owner also owned a  bookstore; you'll understand why I tell you this when you see the photos.  He's now off to sail the world with his dog, Sophie. 
Everyone has a dream; what's yours?


  1. How super! you had me at the porch and the pot rack in the kitchen. Be at peace.

  2. What a wonderful space! Like Janice, I'm enthralled with the pot rack in the kitchen and various other features. I hope you'll be very, very happy here.

    (Here from the SAQA list. I've been involved with painting my hallways and other things domestic, so it was a treat to come see your new home.)

  3. Thank you both! Unfortunately, the pot rack is down so the plaster could be fixed. This has given me the excuse to not unpack any box labeled "pots and pans."