Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ahead of the Curve

Color me surprised when, after my poking at the Father-Son-and-and-Holy Ghost concept in my last post, I discovered this is Trinity Sunday.  A Sunday, according to our interim priest, that homily-deliverers hate because the concept is so challenging.  To condense what I heard (as we all know, what I heard may not have been what he meant), once you've said they are all one, all divine (with Jesus being totally human and totally divine), there's not much to say.  I also heard that they said these things because, when it's not so easy to explain something, better to just state it as fact, not open to discussion.  I work with a number of folks that have the same approach to debatable topics.

He was able to put an intersting twist on the 3-in-one; God is in heaven, Jesus is of the World and the Holy Spirit works in your heart.  I would, personally, place them a little differently, but it's encouraging to know that my thought process is keeping up with the liturgical calendar.  Hee hee! I crack myself up sometimes!

This is not at all what I wanted to wax on about today, but I  couldn't get it off my mind until I  put in cyberspace.  Tomorrow being a holiday, I hope to gather my thoughts for a more introspective post.  See, there I go again, making myself LOL.

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